A Life Consultant assists you to access a life of joy, happiness and balance.

As your Life Consultant, I teach you an awareness of the world around you. The five senses bring clarity to your perception and your choices. Utilizing Touch, Taste, Aroma, Perception, and Vibration, you open your eyes to the opportunities that surround you each moment of your life.

The key to life is self understanding and knowing how to bring yourself back into balance.

A life that delivers interesting content, that allows growth, is a life well lived. This is not an idealized, storybook life, but a true flesh-and-blood, living, breathing balanced life. A life you envision and define for yourself through love, awareness, acceptance, intention and positive-action.

I walk my walk. I myself have been on this same journey through my adult life, writing life’s chapters and the varied edits for a more-rounded experience. I am grateful that my journey incorporates heavy doses of creativity, growth, food, fitness, travel, holistic healing, love, laughter, failure, luxury, humility, red lipstick and hip hop. The results were worth the work. Life is brilliant. I am the author.

My role as your Life Consultant is to teach/support/celebrate your ability to summon the courage to choose a path that resonates with YOU. And to trust in that direction to guide you to the life you are seeking to create. Your autobiography. Your stories. Your legacy.

There is great wisdom and truth in the classic phrase “every journey begins with a single step”.

Are YOU ready to take a step closer to that which you seek?

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“Knowing that Suzi is there to help me dissect and examine events and decisions when I need her is an amazing power boost - even if I don’t actually speak with her, her words sing in my head and keep me on track and moving forward."